Welcome to Rising Star Ranch

Welcome to Rising Star Ranch. Our facility is the home to many of the greatest Tennessee Walking Horse stallions that have ever lived. We pride ourselves in our customer service, the quality of our stallions, and the knowledge we have acquired producing countless World Champions in all divisions of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed.

Come On In, whether you are looking to produce your next riding companion, lifetime friend, World Champion or all three combined; we can help you in that goal.

We are your friends in The Tennessee Walking Horse Business.


Farm News

Rising Star Ranch Colt Preview- March 3rd , 2018 at High Noon!

To Pre-Enter the colts you would like to present click the following link: Pre-Entry Form

Barefoot & Pregnant Sale Begins!!!

The 2018 edition of the Barefoot & Pregnant sale has begun. Our online auctions are very similar to an Ebay format. We have listed 27 very fine mares for your … Read More >>