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Owner: Confederate Farms 2018 Stud Fee: $500 or 2 for $750 DOB: 3/6/2006 Single Mare Breeding Contract Multiple Mare Breeding Contract Video 1

Perlino, Homozygous Tobiano Stallion

We are very excited to add Cool Alen Jackson to our stallion line up. He is rare Perlino Tobiano stallion. Out of over a half a million Tennessee Walking Horses registered with TWHBEA there are only 22 stallions registered as a Perlino Tobiano. He is also somewhat a genetic anomaly with regard to color. His equine color DNA testing has resulted in the following He is heterozygous for the Red Factor (Ee). He is Homozygous for the Agouti gene aka homozygous bay (AA). He is homozygous for the Cream gene aka Double Dilute (CrCr). To top all that off he is homozygous for the Tobiano gene aka always spotted (TT). In other words he can ONLY sire Buckskin Tobiano foals or Palomino Tobiano foals with the occasional Perlino Tobiano or Cremllo Tobiano when bred to mares with a Cream gene. These genetic results have already been proven through his progeny. From all his foals registered with TWHBEA 71% are Buckskin Tobiano, 21% are Palomino Tobiano and 5% are Perlino Tobiano and 2% are Cremello Tobiano. He stands 15.2 hands with a very nice head and confirmation and very naturally gaited and pleasant and willing attitude. If you want to raise that unique horse that always gets noticed, Cool Alen Jackson can deliver Every time.

Video 1 is Triple Cool a Two Year Old at the time of the video Sired by Cool Alen Jackson and out of Ebony’s Triple Rose.


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