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Owner: Alex Foreman 2018 Stud Fee: $800 or 2 for $1400 (Includes 1st Collection fee of $125) DOB: 8/17/2013 Single Mare Breeding Contract Multiple Mare Breeding Contract

Blue Roan, Homozygous Roan Stallion

We are very excited to offer the breeding services of He’s Steel Blue at Rising Star Ranch beginning the Spring of 2016. We have wanted to add a homozygous roan stallion (one that produces the roan modifier in every foal) to our line up of stallions, but were waiting on one that had a pedigree of substance. Just view the pedigree of this young stallion and you will see the names of many of your favorite World Grand Champions of the past.Out of the 15 stallions listed in his pedigree 9 of those named are of past World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horses.

His most significant pedigree feature is the listing of the great Blue Roan show mare Merry Souvenir. Merry Souvenir was one of the greatest show mares of her era and was crowned the Junior World Grand Champion at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. He’s Steel Blue receives his roan genetics from both sides of his pedigree from Merry Souvenir pictured below.

Merry Souvenir cropped

He’s Steel Blue has been tested by the Veterinary Genetics Lab of The University of California at Davis. He has been confirmed homozygous for the Roan gene. He will produce the roan modifier in all of his offspring. Click the link below for He’s Steel Blue’s test results.

He’s Steel Blue Test Results

He’s Steel Blue’s pedigree of the “Old Time” greats is enough alone to attract breeders of quality Tennessee Walking Horses. If you are looking to produced guaranteed Roan offspring with that superb pedigree out of your special mare; He’s Steel Blue is the choice for you.


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