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Owner: Lisa and Jim Baum 2018 Stud Fee: $800 or 2 for $1400 ($125 Collection fee will also be due.) DOB: 5/23/2005 Single Mare Breeding Contract Multiple Mare Breeding Contract

2017,2016,2015, 2013, 2010 O/A Park Pleasure World Grand Champion
2017,2016,2015, 2014 O/A Park Pleasure World Champion
2014, 2013 Park Pleasure World Grand Champion 
2013, 2012 Park Pleasure Stallions World Champion
2013, 2010 Elite Park Pleasure World Champion
2008 O/A Western Park Pleasure Four and Under World Champion

In recent years there has never been a more formidable show performer than Lined Up At The Ritz. He has shown a total of 66 times and has been a champion 62 of those occasions. He has been awarded 9 World Championships and 7 World Grand Championships with 4 different riders. He has been acclaimed by many experts as the “True Tennessee Walking Horse”.

Bred and raised by Charles Baldwin of Dothan Alabama, Lined Up At The Ritz has been a “Horse of a Lifetime” for many. Sired by the great breeding stallion Lined with Cash and out of the mare Ritz Walking who herself was sired by the legendary sire He’s Puttin’ On The Ritz, Lined Up At The Ritz is the epitome of what the Lined With Cash X Ritz cross has produced.

His pedigree boasts the likes of The Super Stock, Prides Generator and Ebony Masterpiece in addition to the Lined With Cash and He’s Puttin’ On The Ritz bloodlines which makes him a stallion with many influences to compliment your mare.

His pedigree will appeal to breeders of horses from all disciplines. Offered for the VERY FIRST TIME to the public, Lined Up At The Ritz, we are sure, will have knowledgeable breeders “Lining Up”.

Pictured Below are the first 2 offspring sired By Lined Up At The Ritz. On the left is chestnut filly out of A Jazz Man mare. On the right is a grey stud colt out of a Jose’ Jose’ mare. These are exceptional foals and examples of what Lined Up At The Ritz can produce for you.


Lined With Cash Coin's Hard Cash Prides Gold Coin Pride Of Midnight H.F.
Delight's Joanna
Prides Donna Pride Of Midnight H.F.
Sun's Pretty Donna
Gen's Silver Lining Prides Generator Pride Of Midnight H.F.
H.F. Spirits Nell
Eldorado's Star Dust Suns Eldorado
Misty Queen Bingham
Ritz Walking He's Puttin' On The Ritz A Comand Performance Pride Of Midnight H.F.
Sun's Butterfly
Gen's Living Doll Prides Generator
Sister Stratton
Genretta Prides Generator Pride Of Midnight H.F.
H.F. Spirits Nell
Toll Free The Super Stock
Ebony's Label C.
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