Blue Voodoh-In Foal To McCurdy’s Roan Lightning

January 17, 2018
Blue Voodoh-In Foal To McCurdy's Roan Lightning
Ending in: 11 days 1 hour 58 minutes 18 seconds
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This well bred Blue Roan mare is carrying one of the last crop of the top Homozygous Roan stallion McCurdy's Roan Lightning who recently passed away. For those wanting the best in versatility with the addition of the unique roan color this is the one you are looking for. Only 5 years old her breeding future is ahead of her. She is due in March and comes with a foal "Buy Back" option if the winning bidder is interested. McCurdy's Roan Lightning is a LEGEND among the field trial and utility horse enthusiasts. Here's a chance of having one of his last foals. This mare's resulting foal has a 100% chance of being Roan and a 50% chance of being homozygous for the Roan gene.

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