Rising Star Customer Service List

As of 9/1/2014-All rates subject to change.

Board Rates

Pasture Mare-Includes pasture and Hay                                                   $ 8.00/Day
Dry mare in a Stall-Includes Hay and Grain Twice Daily                      $16.00/Day
Wet Mare in a Stall-Includes Hay and extra Grain Twice Daily           $18.00/Day
Non-Mares on Consignment For Sale                                                        $16.00/Day

Lab Fees

Lab fee for semen preparation                                                     $10.00/per insemination dose
Lab Fee applies to all Semen Pick Ups and Drive In Breedings

Shipping of Semen

One Semen Shipment in Approved Container via Fed Ex or UPS        $225.00 per shipment
(Customer required to return container within 2 days after shipment)
Two breeding doses provided unless limited on stallion semen

Stallion Collection

Collecting Non-Resident Stallion and analyzing semen for viability   $125.00 per collection

Foal Delivery

Foaling out mare with use of Foal-Alert and an attendant                    $250.00

Sale Consignment

To List a Yearling you have for sale in our database                                  Free    Click Link

Consigning Horse to Rising Star For Sale (Board see above)                10% of Sale Price
Consigning Horse to Cataloged Sale at Rising Star                      $100.00 + 10% Sale Price
Sale Prep for Horse Consigned to Auction Not at Rising Star               $150.00

Net proceeds will be paid to consignor no later than 14 days from date of transaction.



Breeding Kit (Syringe, Glove and Insemination tube)                             $5.00

Credit Card Processing fee                                                                               2.8% of Total Sale