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Owner: Five Star Stallions 2021 Stud Fee: $500 due when a foal is born DOB: 5/6/1994 Single Mare Breeding Contract

TWHBEA Number 947039
Markings STAR
Height 15.1 hands
Historical Pedigree              Champion Progeny

2002 World Grand Champion 15.2 Amateur
2000 Reserve World Champion 15.2 Amateur Stallion
1999 Reserve World Grand Champion 15.2 Amateur
1998 World Grand Champion Four-Year-Old
1998 Reserve World Champion Four-Year-Old Stallion
1997 Reserve World Grand Champion Three-Year-Old
1997 World Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion
1996 Reserve World Grand Champion Two-Year-Old
1996 Reserve World Champion Two-Year-Old Stallion
World Champion Sire

World-renowned thoroughbred breeder A.B. “Bull” Hancock of Claiborne Farms fame observed, “the family is stronger than the individual.” Breeders with extensive knowledge say that the only line to examine on a pedigree is the “mare line.”

The “mare line” is the bottom line of a horse’s pedigree that contains only mares. This is the line that makes a horse an individual and sets the great ones apart from all the others. The first three mares on the “mare line” of All American Cash have produced, in addition to him, many great show ring stars.

The dam of All American Cash, Final’s First Lady, produced, in addition to WGC All American Cash, WGC The American General, and WC Cash’s All Star. His second dam Spirit Of Merry Boy produced WGC The Coin Collection and WGC Pride’s Dark Spirit. WGC I’m in Command and Delight Double Clutch also came from this productive mare line. All of these are, in their own right, memorable show horses and, in the case of Pride’s Dark Spirit, I’m In Command, and Delight Double Clutch, proven world-class sires.

Those who were associated with both Coin’s Hard Cash and All American Cash have always commented about their similarities in day-to-day life as well as in the show ring. If you are looking for “Hard Cash” made over, All American is the stallion you are looking for.

2021 marks his 19th breeding season. All American Cash continues to produce Champions each and every year.




Coin's Hard Cash Prides Gold Coin Pride of Midnight Midnight Sun
Pride of Stanley
Delight's Joanna Sun's Delight D.
Duke's Flight
Pride's Donna Pride Of Midnight H.F. Midnight Sun
Pride Of Stanley
Sun's Pretty Donna Midnight Sun
Miss Silver Fleet
Final's First Lady Prides Final Edition Pride of Midnight H.F. Midnight Sun
Pride of Stanley
Ebony's C.C. Ebony Masterpiece
Invasions Rocket W.
Spirit Of Merry Boy Spirit Of Midnight Midnight Sun
Scott's Lovely Lady
Marilyn J. Merry Macalvanni
Snooks Walker
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